Tuesday, October 23, 2007

White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

It's been one of those days....

You look in the mirror and see a person you no longer recognize. Not only has lack of sleep changed my appearance, I seemed to have lost count of what day of the week it is.

You see, I just recently gave birth to my 2nd child, and with motherhood comes many sleepless nights.

It's been a very long time since I have dabbled in chocolate in my kitchen the way I used to in my free time. That is partly because I was just too exhausted and nauseous while pregnant to even step in the kitchen.

Now that I am close to six weeks past birth, I finally got a chance to make my first chocolate related snack in months.

Enter... (drum roll).. White chocolate covered strawberries!


While my dear mother entertained the babes (yeah, I've got two in total now), I was able to dash off to the kitchen to create my first real chocolate creation in God knows how long. As I went searching for my aluminum bowl to make my makeshift double boiler, I paused as I remembered that my darling MIL had taken it 'by accident'(hmmm...). So I was left to use the microwave to melt the chocolate.

Surprisingly, the chocolate melted quite easily and I was able to dip some very ripe juicy red strawberries into the melted mix and lay them to harden. Once it was ready, I called over my poor diabetic mother to try my new dessert snack.

She took one taste and her eyes lit up! Yesss! I still got it! No Mom, sorry, but that's all you can have. (I don't want to be responsible for any high blood sugar problems! )


Blogger Sarah Caron said...

Darling, those look divine...

But you know, you don't write here often enough! So, I tagged you for a meme. hehehe.


7:44 PM  
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