Thursday, June 19, 2008

Soft Baked is the way to go

I finally realized what was causing my cookies from becoming ultra chewy like the ones at the bakery. It was the way I was mixing the dough.

First of all, I had to add extra flour to toughen up the dough. It just can't be liquid it. When I scoop it onto the cookie sheet, it has to clump up and not ooze down.

Secondly, I had to change the oven temperature up to 400 from 350. This increase in heat aids cooking the cookie faster. The last part is to be sure to pull the cookie out sooner - so rather than pulling out at 10-11 min, I will be taking it out at around 6-8 min. The result is an ultra soft baked charmer. Try it with you fav cookie recipe and I promise it won't dissappoint!


Anonymous Getting a Restaurant Job said...

It looks like delicious thanks for sharing this to us :)

5:50 PM  

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